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Image by Joshua Sukoff

At the January 6 Project, our goal is to amplify unrepresented voices in North Carolina elections through voter education and registration. There is so much to do.

Help today by becoming a donor or volunteer.

On January 6th, our democracy was attacked by those who wished to destroy it, and we are now on notice that our system of government is in jeopardy. One vital way to preserve our democracy is to register more new voters and engage them in making the system work for everyone.

To be rather than to seem. The North Carolina state motto demands that we act. We are a group of dedicated and determined North Carolinians who have come together to create an independent, non-partisan organization to empower all North Carolinians to fully participate in our elections.

"The vote is precious. It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democratic society. Use it.”
—John Lewis
Image by Element5 Digital


Thank you for joining! A member of our team will reach out with opportunities to get involved.

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